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?Who are suitable for Nose Surgery

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?Who are suitable for Nose Surgery

Plastic surgery is one of the most publicized surgeries in face that has been usual in the
world, specially in our country. By development of the science, there are few noses that can’t be better with surgery or be changed.
Who are the best candidates for nose surgery ? Are they just people who have observable problems? People who have nose surgeryasymmetrical nose, for example deflection or hunch of nose or people who have meaty nose that tip of their nose is inform, has more thicker nose skin.

People who have indirect nose are good candidates for nose surgery too. Maybe it’s because of congenital problem or flap. Priority for nose surgery is for people who have breathing problems and their life became hard second people who have exterior problem that decreases their confidence. The suitable qualification for surgery is the health of body and ment that helps them to have shorter time of convalescence. People who want to have nose surgery should accept their surgery and they shouldn’t be valetudinary.
which age is the best age fore nose surgery? We should say that it’s different among girls and boys.
Boys at age 17 and girls at age of 16 can have nose surgery that they can do it even in lower ages.in old people we can see surgeries till 60as for of their health. The material and kind of nose have much impression in result.
People with thinner skin have better result of thicker skins. If you want to know that what kind of nose you have you can return to a surgeon.Choosing nose surgeon

Nose surgery is one important happen in each person’s life specially among young people.
They should choose good surgeons and search a lot. Because of the multiplicity of surgeons you may confuse and ask yourself who is better? There are many ways for choosing best surgeon that we tell you!
Good surgeon should have the high knowledge and should be artist to make good nose for you. Nose surgery moreover that make your nose pretty, should help your nose to do its duty well.

Ways of choosing good nose surgeon

• One of the ways is that you should ask other people who have had Nose surgery with your chosen surgeon
• Most of people who have a good choice of good surgeon are people who their friends or families or relatives had good surgeons
• Meeting with surgeon can shows you how good is he. You can understand it by asking and answering and the guidance and patience of your surgeon.
• You can check his or her web page and be informed of his Resumes and Level of Education and before and after pictures of surgeries.
• You should choose your surgeon toward your budget .there is an important point that higher salary doesn’t guaranty higher quality.
• At the end if you choose your ideal surgeon do your surgery with assurance